School of the Supernatural, Sweden. Gothenburg – City of Revival.

#8 gathering in 2018 starts on November 17 at 9.00am.

Teachers: Frank Sumrall and Sergei Finayev.

Address: Salvation Army East Corps, Sankt Pauligatan 1, 416 60 Gothenburg.


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Karen & Frank Sumrall
Sergei Finayev



Evening meetings on November 16-17 at 7.00 pm.

Speaker: Frank Sumrall.


9 Saturdays in 2018

March 10, April 14, May 12, June 9, September 1, September 15, October 13, November 17, December 8 at 9am – 5pm.


Ministers 2018

Ministers with an strong apostolic and prophetic anointing will come from several nations such as Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, the United States, China, Pakistan and Iran, including Mattheus van der Steen, Frank & Karen Sumrall, Jennifer LeClaire, Ryan LeStrange, Jennifer Eivaz, Isaac Liu, Ulf Christiansson, Mary-Alice Isleib, Bengt Wedemalm, Angela Greenig, Martin Koornstra, Shamil Gesser, Sergei Finayev, Marcus Bloom, Michael Artoos, Magnus Axelsson and Terje Nordboe. For more information, see under Ministers.








Welcome in 2019!

Welcome to School of the Supernatural, Sweden, a Scandinavian Bible School in the heart of Gothenburg. This school is a part of the mission organisation Nordboe Ministries. School of the Supernatural, Sweden 2019 consists of NINE SATURDAYS throughout 2019 starting on February 2nd. It is designed to equip students to serve in the gifts of the Spirit and to show them how to live a supernatural lifestyle in boldness. There are so much more to the life that the Holy Spirit offers. God calls you and me today as never before to do the same miracles as Jesus did, yes even greater than them (John 14:12). Let Jesus change you from inside out, to live fully for Him! Become a transformer of nations. Yes, you can!


Directors Terje & Helene Nordboe


Official Start

Saturday February 2, 2019. Register now!


18 Powerful Ministers From Several Nations

Ministers with an strong apostolic and prophetic anointing will come from several nations such as Sweden, Norway, England, Holland, United States and Argentina, to teach the Word of God in a powerful way: Mattheus van der Steen (Netherlands), Donna Schambach (United States), David Newberry (United States), Paul Manwaring (England), Angela Greenig (United States), Terje Liverød (Norway), Leif Hetland (Norway/United States), Rodrigues Pereira (Portugal), Håkan Eriksson (Sweden), David Wagner (United States)Ayeleen Saavedra (Argentina)Terje Nordboe (Norway), Helene Nordboe (Sweden) and 5 more to come!



Anointed Worshippers

Anointed worshippers will come from several parts of the world to be a part of School of the Supernatural, Sweden 2019. They will come and serve to bring you before the throne of God and into the presence of the Holy Spirit. One of the school´s missions is to build bridges between nations, regions, cities, churches and denominations. Worship is an important tool that will come with healing in that sense. More worshippers will be added in the future.



Gothenburg – City of Revival

Venue: Frälsningsarmén Östra kåren, Sankt Pauligatan 1, 416 60 Göteborg.


Dates 2019

February 2,  March 9,  April 6,  May 11, June 8, September 7,  October 19, November 16,  December 7.



Registration: 08.00-09.00. School hours: 09.00 – 17.00.



Interpretation from English to Swedish.


School Fees 2019 & Registration

For more information about school fees and how to register, go to: Registration.

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Holy Spirit Night – evening meetings at 7.00 pm.

Two special evening meetings with national and international ministers will be held in combination with every date listed above.

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Primary needs: sound engineering, computer, video, streaming, social media, ushers, cafeteria.

School of the Supernatural, Sweden

c/o Nordboe Ministries,

Box 24117, SE-400 22 Gothenburg

+46 763 100 777